Tuesday, 21 December 2010


A view of Christie Park and the River Bann.

Yes, it is picturesque. When everything is covered by snow it's very beautiful. But we rarely get heavy snow in Northern Ireland - or in the rest of Ireland, or the UK, for that matter.
So when snow arrives we find it difficult to cope, especially when it is accompanied by record low temperatures.
The daytime temperature has been around minus 10 Centigrade, to-night it's forecast to be as low as minus 20 in places.
As a result, even the main roads remain snow-covered. The salted grit spread on them doesn't seem to be very effective at such low temperatures.
For many schools the Christmas break has come several days early. It's difficult to get to work. Christmas shopping has become a struggle for everyone. - which will give the shops an even greater struggle to survive.
People needing to travel to spend the holiday with their families are finding airports closed, flights cancelled.

Yes, snow is beautiful. But when it doesn't melt within a few hours of falling, life just falls apart.


~Cheryl said...

Are those some poor little ducks out there on the cold river? Brrrr. I understand completely about the snow shutting down life --- same thing here in the Pacific Northwest. At this point, we are having our normal rain. Keep warm!

Finn said...

Ducks and seagulls hoping to be fed, Cheryl.

Maggie said...

Oh so lovely! I love the winter weather, as much as I hate to admit it!