Monday, 9 March 2009


This gull got in the way of the picture I was planning to take, so it gets to appear first. You'll see the other photo to-morrow.

Like the last couple of photos, this one was taken with my new camera.
A week ago, Saturday, I was cursing the limitations of my little Nikon. My wife suggested I up-grade...never one to miss an opportunity, by that afternoon I had another camera.
It's a Canon PowerShot SX110IS.

Of course, on Monday when my computer died, I regretted my impulse purchase.
Well, I regretted it for at least ten seconds!!


~Cheryl said...

I like the way the gull is so sharp and the background fuzzes out. I also have a new Canon! It's a PowerShot SD880 (I wanted a cam corder; this is what my husband bought. I do like it's nice small size!) I have so much to learn!

nanak said...

thanks for stopping by mataram daily

you have a nice blog here
i look forward to see more photos from Coleraine

The Eejit said...

Nanak, Indonesia is very different from Ireland. I enjoy your blog - especially your photos which are really good for a camera phone.

Cheryl, I bought the SX110 because of its' 10x zoom. As always the instruction manual is on a CD - which isn't much use when you're out somewhere and want to take a photo. I'm going to have to print it!