Sunday, 8 February 2009

Sandelford Bridge

This is a view of Sandelford Bridge, commonly known as "the new bridge".
I suppose it's the case in any town with two bridges - one must be the old, while the other is the new.
The photo was taken from Christie Park.

There was some snow to-day - the first we've had, while it seems the rest of the country has been buried under a blanket of the stuff for the past week.
I'm afraid there won't be any pictures of snowbound Coleraine, as I was lazy and stayed in the house.


~Cheryl said...

Is your "other bridge" the one pictured at the top of your blog page? I like both photos! Thank you for following my blog....I've been looking for an Ireland blog and now I have one! Thanks two times!

The Eejit said...

Welcome, Cheryl.
Yes, the 'old' bridge is the one at the top of the blog page. You can see it from another angle on the post titled 'Bridge'.
I hope I can show you something of my part of Ireland.
I find America fascinating...