Wednesday, 25 February 2009


I love the sound of the sea - in this case crashing against the rocks at Ramore Head in Portrush.
I like to walk along the beach as well, with the breakers rolling in from the ocean.

Fortunately, I have a choice of beaches from Portrush westwards along the coast.

I said my photos would be taken in the Coleraine area, but I think I can occasionally stray a few miles from the town...


~Cheryl said...

I like the sea, too. I grew up in the Mid-west, in the middle of the Rocky Mountains so the ocean has been "new" and wonderful for me.

You go ahead and stray....I like to see all parts of the world!

Beth Niquette said...

What lovely work you do. I'm with Cheryl. I love the oceans, having lived most of my life within driving distance of the Pacific.

You are very gifted.

The Eejit said...

Welcome, and thanks for the compliments, Beth.
Cheryl, I strayed again for to-day's photo!