Thursday, 23 April 2009

Beach and Barmouth

If you move out from my last photo and turn left, this is the view. Castlerock beach stretches out before you for close on a mile.
The village lies around five miles north-west of Coleraine. In the 2001 Census it had a population of 1,336. More houses and apartments have been built since then, but many of them are holiday homes. So the population probably hasn't changed much, although the village is now really a small town.
This beach ends at the rocks in the distance. Another one begins when you go round the headland.

If you turn right, the beach ends in a very short distance at the Barmouth. This is where the Bann runs into the ocean.
Castlerock Beach is really a continuation of Portstewart Strand - interrupted only by the river reaching the sea.
The Barmouth is at the far end of the Strand in the photo I posted on 8th April.

My next couple of posts will see me back in Coleraine, but I'll return to Castlerock shortly...


~Cheryl said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I think I could walk there forever. I also like your new springy header!

The Eejit said...

This beach is one of my favourite walks.