Saturday, 25 April 2009

Church of Ireland

Back with the same cherry tree.
This time the photo was taken from Hanover Place on the other side of the river.

The church is commonly known as Killowen Parish Church. It belongs to the Church of Ireland and is properly known as St John the Evangelist. The Church of Ireland is "a province of the Anglican Communion".

The top row of houses in the background are part of a large estate built by the local council in the late 1950's. The lower houses were built in the 1960's. This estate is known as 'The Heights'.


~Cheryl said...

Oh wow! Both the tree and the church are fabulous!

Frankie / Nick said...

Oh fantastic cherry blossoms! Fortunately we have experienced a tedius weather pattern which has been cool and our trees are not yet in blossom. A blessing really as we had frost a few night ago. Your trees are fabulous.

frenchie4moi said...

I adore churches and would love to visit this one some day. The Cherry tree is fantastic. We can't grow them here as it doesn't get cold enough...

Have a great weekend!


The Eejit said...

Thanks for your comments.

Welcome, Frankie/Nick and Nancy. Sorry it's taken me so long to acknowledge new visitors.

Maggie said...

The view is beautiful and the flowering tree with the old stone- so perfectly picturesque! Nice shot- love it!

bathmate said...

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