Thursday, 17 December 2009

A2 - updated

I did the A2 an injustice yesterday, by reducing its length considerably.

By complete coincidence I had to go to a meeting in Newry this morning. Newry is a small city right down in the south-eastern corner of Northern Ireland, about two hours drive from Coleraine.
While there, I noticed a road sign which said a certain road was the A2.

Alarm bells sounded more loudly than usual in my head (I have tinnitus, so I hear all sorts of sounds).

Yesterday's statement that the road went from Belfast to Derry was, unfortunately, an assumption. And for those who don't know the meaning of makes an ass of you and me.
So it's time to get some facts.

The A2 begins in Newry and follows the Co Down coast to Belfast before its journey to Derry. A distance, apparently, of some 239 miles.

The photo below was taken at yesterday's picnic site and shows the view to the west of Castlerock.

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Maggie said...

more and more lovely and thanks for the clarification! I think a drive of that would be a lovely trip!