Wednesday, 16 December 2009


The A2 is the main coastal road from Belfast to Derry. It runs up the east coast and then along the north, usually keeping close to the sea.
A couple of years ago, as part of their efforts to promote tourism, the Northern Ireland Tourist Board decided to re-brand the road as the Causeway Coastal Route.
Regardless of what it's called, the road does pass through some beautiful scenery. But some places get by-passed.
The little village of Castlerock is one of those places.

There is a small lay-by and picnic site which overlooks the village. I stopped to take some photos of the view - and then noticed the picnic table.
So these photos are of the table and its' plaque.

By the way, the shape of the bushes behind the table shows the strength and direction of the prevailing wind.

I don't know who Hutchy was, but he chose a good place to sit during his relatively short life.


Maggie said...

How nice, and I love the bit of information, too. You could almost do a mini series on your drive of the A2!

The Eejit said...

Great minds...and all that, Maggie.

I was planning to put bits of the road into each of my blogs.
Trouble is, it's not just a mini series, it's a whole blog on it's own. Quite a major project and, unfortunately, not one I've got the time for at the moment.

Clytie said...

It really must be quite windy at that place - we have trees shaped like that at the beach where it's windy all the time.

Can't wait to see more of your 'bits of the road'.