Sunday, 26 December 2010

Last of the Snow...?

This is the path which runs alongside the Bann from the town to the Cutts at Castleroe. The photo was taken on Friday afternoon.

To-day the thaw has begun. The temperature is just above freezing, sleet is falling...


~Cheryl said...

Beautiful, winter wonderland! However, I'm fairly certain I would more than welcome the sleet with its promise of a thaw. Your pathway is very inviting as it winds along under the trees covered with snow lace ... and around to a waiting car with the heater already on! Thank you for the Christmas wishes; I hope you are also enjoying many Christmas blessings with Friends, Family, Food, and sunshine!

Maggie said...

Oh Finn, this is such a perfectly beautiful place. It's looks like a magical winter fairyland.

Sorry for the thaw; that's always such a miserable part of winter. But it certainly looks enjoyable and I bet your "little miss" was thrilled to have a white Christmas!