Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Save Lives

The Blood Transfusion Service was in Coleraine yesterday and to-day.
Their units visit towns and villages throughout Northern Ireland on a regular basis. They usually stay two days and run two donor sessions - one afternoon and one early evening - each day.
The sessions are usually held in church halls or in schools. In Coleraine, the Baptist church hall is used.

Each year there are over 75,000 donations but, as it says on the lorry, 94% of the population still don't give blood.
I'm sure few of that 94% would refuse a transfusion if they needed it...


~Cheryl said...

Good point! Our school holds a blood drive every fall.

Paul said...

Very apt point, hopefully some of the non donors will see this and think on.
Leeds has a permanent blood donation centre, I went a few weeks back.

The Eejit said...

Welcome, Paul.
Glad to know you're a donor too.